Journey Itinerary

  • Day1

  • Taipei → Yilan

  • Green EXPO

On the first day of the journey, we’ll travel from Taipei to Yilan (estimated 2 hours via Xueshan Tunnel), a county in the Northeastern region of Taiwan. Its name is derived from the indigenous Kavalan tribe, and the county is best known for its hot springs, refined agricultural products, and its rustic leisure farms.

  • Day2

  • Yilan → Hualien

  • National Center of Traditional Arts, Suao Golden Mazu Statue, Hualien Ami Cultural Village

This morning we will head towards the largest county in Taiwan, Hualien (est. 3 hrs via Suao Scenic Highway), with stops along the way to immerse yourself in its unadulterated beauty and majestic views. Known as a major tourist attraction, Hualien is home to many indigenous tribes such as Amis, Atayal, Bunun, Truku, Sakizaya and Kavalan.

  • Day3

  • Hualien → Natou

  • Taroko Gorge, Wuling, Cingjing Mingsu

After a good night’s rest, we will visit the famed Taroko National Park in the morning. Taroko means "magnificent and beautiful“ in the indigenous Truku language, and its breathtaking views surely won’t disappoint! The journey will continue as we pass through the cross-central highway towards western Taiwan. At the end of the day, we‘ll arrive at Cinjing Veterans Farm in Nantou County for a truly unique “Minsu” stay (bed & breakfast style lodges). It is one of the few remaining places in Taiwan undisturbed by city lights, where one can gaze up and see an exposed sky filled with glimmering stars.

  • Day4

  • Natou → Taichung

  • Sun Moon Lake, Formosa Aboriginal Cultural Village, Fengjia Night Market

Early morning is the best time to bask in the serenity of Sun Moon Lake, the largest body of water in Taiwan. It surrounds a tiny island called Lalu, with the east side of the lake resembling a sun while the west side resembles a moon, hence its name. From the lake, we can take a gondola ride straight to our next destination, Formosa Aboriginal Cultural Village, to witness the changing of seasons and the blooming of pink cherry blossom trees. Later that day, we’ll resume our northbound journey with a layover in Taichung, origin of many Taiwan's innovative cuisines and snacks.

  • Day5

  • Taichung → Taipei

  • Yangmingshan National Park, Taipei 101, Longshan Temple

Spring time in Taiwan is especially pleasant, with mild climates and a low chance of precipitation. We will visit the Yangmingshan National Park to marvel at budding flower trees, then make our way to downtown Taipei city. Since Spring signifies the beginning of a new year, we’ll visit the famous Longshan temple to observe the locals pray for safety and prosperity. The temple is an emblematic example of classical Taiwanese architecture, and like most temples in Taiwan, the followers worship a mixture of Buddhist, Taoist, and folk deities such as Matsu.

  • Day6

  • Greater Taipei

  • Pingxi Sky Lantern, Tianyuan Temple

On the last day of this amazing tour, we will visit the outskirts of Taipei to check out natural rock formations and the old streets that used to be the economic centers of each township. We will conclude the trip by drawing our prayers and blessings on a sky lantern before sending it up to heavens.