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Spring Promenade、Summer Retreat、Autumn Breeze、Winter Jubilee

Spring Promenade

  • aboriginal fest

    Day 1 Taipei → Yilan Green EXPO
    On the first day of the journey, we’ll travel from Taipei to Yilan (estimated 2 hours via Xueshan Tunnel), a county in the Northeastern region of Taiwan. Its name is derived from the indigenous Kavalan tribe, and the county is best known for its hot springs, refined agricultural products, and its rustic leisure farms.

  • Day 2 Yilan → Hualien National Center of Traditional Arts, Suao Golden Mazu Statue, Hualien Ami Cultural Village
    This morning we will head towards the largest county in Taiwan, Hualien (est. 3 hrs via Suao Scenic Highway), with stops along the way to immerse yourself in its unadulterated beauty and majestic views. Known as a major tourist attraction, Hualien is home to many indigenous tribes such as Amis, Atayal, Bunun, Truku, Sakizaya and Kavalan.

  • Day 3 Hualien → Natou Taroko Gorge, Wuling, Cingjing Mingsu
    After a good night’s rest, we will visit the famed Taroko National Park in the morning. Taroko means "magnificent and beautiful“ in the indigenous Truku language, and its breathtaking views surely won’t disappoint! The journey will continue as we pass through the cross-central highway towards western Taiwan. At the end of the day, we‘ll arrive at Cinjing Veterans Farm in Nantou County for a truly unique “Minsu” stay (bed & breakfast style lodges). It is one of the few remaining places in Taiwan undisturbed by city lights, where one can gaze up and see an exposed sky filled with glimmering stars.

  • Day 4 Natou → Taichung Sun Moon Lake, Formosa Aboriginal Cultural Village, Fengjia Night Market
    Early morning is the best time to bask in the serenity of Sun Moon Lake, the largest body of water in Taiwan. It surrounds a tiny island called Lalu, with the east side of the lake resembling a sun while the west side resembles a moon, hence its name. From the lake, we can take a gondola ride straight to our next destination, Formosa Aboriginal Cultural Village, to witness the changing of seasons and the blooming of pink cherry blossom trees. Later that day, we’ll resume our northbound journey with a layover in Taichung, origin of many Taiwan's innovative cuisines and snacks.

  • Day 5 Taichung → Taipei Yangmingshan National Park, Taipei 101, Longshan Temple
    Spring time in Taiwan is especially pleasant, with mild climates and a low chance of precipitation. We will visit the Yangmingshan National Park to marvel at budding flower trees, then make our way to downtown Taipei city. Since Spring signifies the beginning of a new year, we’ll visit the famous Longshan temple to observe the locals pray for safety and prosperity. The temple is an emblematic example of classical Taiwanese architecture, and like most temples in Taiwan, the followers worship a mixture of Buddhist, Taoist, and folk deities such as Matsu.

  • Day 6 Greater Taipei Pingxi Sky Lantern, Tianyuan Temple
    On the last day of this amazing tour, we will visit the outskirts of Taipei to check out natural rock formations and the old streets that used to be the economic centers of each township. We will conclude the trip by drawing our prayers and blessings on a sky lantern before sending it up to heavens.

Summer Retreat

  • aboriginal fest

    Day 1 Taipei → Yilan Yilan International Children’s Folklore &, Folkgame Festival
    On the first day of the journey, we’ll travel from Taipei to Yilan, where you can visit the only sodium bicarbonate cold spring in Taiwan. The spring water maintains an average temperature of 22 /72 ℉ , and is very similar to soda water. Circa 1996, Yilan has hosted the International Children's Folklore & Folkgame Festival every summer from July through August, which remains one of the main attractions of the season.

  • Day 2 Yilan → Hualien National Center of Traditional Arts, Suao Cold Spring, Qixingtan Beach
    This morning before we head towards Hualien, the largest county in Taiwan, we’ll take a detour to the National Center of Traditional Arts. This center showcases some of the most representative displays of Taiwan culture for you to fully immerse in.

  • Day 3 Hualien → Taitung Taroko Gorge, Luyeh Highland, Longtian Bicycle Pathway
    After a good night’s rest, we will visit the famed Taroko National Park in the morning. Its breathtaking views surely won’t disappoint! The journey will continue on to Taitung, considered by many to be the last parcel of unadulterated land remaining on this island. Here, we’ll take you on a distinct bike tour where you will be instructed to take intermittent breaks by lying on the paved road to gaze at the blue skies without a worry in the world. Another must-do experience here is grass-skating on the Luyeh Highland Grass Plains. Suitable for people of all ages, this activity is reminiscent of simpler times and will definitely bring about a feeling of nostalgia.

  • Day 4 Taitung → Kaohsiung Kenting Beach
    No Summer excursion is complete without a trip to the beach, and on this day we’ll take our journey to the southern-most tip of Taiwan. Kenting, classified as a National Park, is by far the most popular destination at this time of year in Taiwan. This beautiful coastline is filled with fun activities and watersports to partake in. Rest assured that you will leave this place feeling completely rejuvenated from the hustle and bustle of everyday city life.

  • Day 5 Kaohsiung→Nantou→Taichung Sun Moon Lake, Wenwu Temple, Peacock Garden, Taichung City Tour
    Along our Northbound passage back to Taipei, we’ll stop and bask in the serenity of Sun Moon Lake, the largest body of water in Taiwan. It surrounds a tiny island called Lalu, with the east side of the lake resembling a sun while the west side resembles a crescent moon, hence its name. This tourist hotspot is one of the most celebrated in the country, and there are a plethora of temples and stalls surrounding the lake waiting for you to explore.

  • Day 6 Taichung → Taipei Longteng Bridge, Shenxing Train Station, Taipei 101
    On the last day of this amazing tour, we will pass by a now-defunct train station left behind from the Japanese Colonial Period. These old streets are reflective of the influence left behind from that era, and is a window into the shaping of Taiwan’s modern culture. As we return to Taipei, our last stop will be the iconic Taipei 101 Building, once the tallest structure in the world and still a symbol of our national pride.

Autumn Breeze

  • aboriginal fest

    Day 1 Taipei → Taichung Jiufen Old Street
    Our journey kicks off from Taipei as we head to the old streets of Jiufen. Once an important hub of the coal-mining industry in Taiwan, this tourist attraction is now revived with a plethora of tea houses, gift shops, and specialty snacks for you to peruse. As noon draws near, we’re off to taste an assortment of seasonal seafood for lunch. Once our energies have been replenished, we will head to the vibrant city of Taichung for the night.

  • Day 2 Taichung → Nantou Xinshe Sea of Flowers, Sun Moon Lake, Xitou Monster Village
    On the second day, we will visit the celebrated Sun Moon Lake. As an added bonus, the picturesque Hsinshe Sea of Flowers along the way will definitely take your breathe away with its sheer natural beauty. We’ll arrive at Xitou before night, and you will get a chance to join in the revelry at the Monster Village, a light-hearted outdoor fair that is enjoyed by adults and children alike.

  • Day 3 Nantou → Tainan Xitou, Anping Old Street
    After a good night’s rest, we will head to Tainan and visit the sites left by early Dutch settlers. The unique architecture of old forts have been well-preserved throughout the years, and is an integral part of Taiwan’s colonial history. Of course, one cannot visit Tainan without sampling its renowned local cuisine. As a symbolic representative of authentic Taiwanese gastronomy, the food in Tainan is relatively modest in price and ingredient, yet packs a remarkably flavorful punch sure to leave an imprint on your taste buds.

  • Day 4 Tainan → Kaohsiung Lotus Pond Scenic Route, Dome of Light
    As the second-largest city in Taiwan, Kaohsiung has been undergoing a renaissance as of late. With efforts to boost the city’s international standings, Kaohsiung has been stepping up its effort on all fronts and was even voted as one of the top cities for living in the world. Here, you can be serenaded by live bands playing by riverfront cafes, take a ferry ride through the romantic Love River, or simply observe the exquisite sunset of Xiziwan. No matter what you do, its certain to be a memorable experience reminiscent of a scene straight out of the movies.

  • Day 5 Kaohsiung→Taipei Take High Speed Rail back to Taipei, Taipei 101, CKS Memoria
    Our Southbound journey concludes on this day, as we make our way back to Taipei City. You will get to experience the marvels of modern transportation as we board the high speed rail on a charming ride through Taiwan. Once we arrive, we will enjoy lunch before paying a visit to Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall and Taipei 101 Building, two of the most notable landmarks in Taiwan. For the night, we ‘ll stay at a hot spring resort.

  • Day 6 Taipei Taiwanese Pastry DIY, Jin Shan Old Street, Yangmingshan National Park
    On the last day, you will get a chance to participate in making your own moon cake, a staple of the Mid-Autumn Festival. For those lucky enough to come during the Jinshan Sweet Potato Festival, you will also enjoy building your own underground fire pit to roast sweet, tangy yams harvested straight from the ground. Our last stop is at Yangmingshan National Park, where auburn leaves envelope the land to proclaim the changing of seasons and prepare for the winter.

Winter Jubilee

  • aboriginal fest

    Day 1 Taipei → Yilan Guang Shing Farm
    We will commence our voyage this morning by departing for Guang Shing Leisure Farm via the Xueshan Tunnel, one of the longest highway tunnels in the world. Upon arrival, we’ll enjoy a rustic lunch of farm cuisine before starting your choice of group activities, including pit-cooking, pottery, and/or afternoon high tea. For the evening, you have a choice to either retreat to a unique family-styled bed & breakfast or relax at a luxurious hot spring resort.

  • Day 2 Yilan → Hualien Suao Harbour, Hualien, Amei Cultural Village with Indigenous Dance Performance
    After a full night’s rest, the journey will continue to Hualien, the largest county in Taiwan. Along the way, we’ll stop to sample a delicious seafood lunch featuring seasonal catches straight from the nearby harbor. Next stop, we’ll immerse ourselves in native Taiwanese culture, as we observe the good folks of Hualien perform traditional songs and dances for us.

  • Day 3 Hualien → Nantou Taroko National Park, Wuling
    Today we’ll visit the famed Taroko Gorge, also known as “Marble Gorge” due to the abundant supply of marbles in its surrounding areas. Its natural beauty attracts millions of visitors every year, and will certainly astound you with a lasting impression. After leaving Taroko National Park, we’ll head to Nantou, where you can spend the night at a tranquil bed and breakfast lodge underneath the clear, starry skies of Cingjing Veterans Farm.

  • Day 4 Nantou → Taichung Sun Moon Lake, Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village, Fengjia Night Market
    This is the most action-packed day of the trip. First we drop by Sun Moon Lake in the morning, where the cycling trail was dubbed as one of the most beautiful trails in the world by CNN. Once we thoroughly explored every nook and cranny of the area, we’ll take a gondola ride up to the Formosa Cultural Village theme park. The park contains the tallest free-fall ride in Taiwan as well as Taiwan‘s largest European gardens and bell tower. At night, we’ll have a layover in Taichung City, but not before going on a culinary adventure at Fengjia Night Market, the most innovative and exciting of all night markets in Taiwan.

  • Day 5 Taichung→Taipei Miaoli, Dahu Strawberry Picking, Taipei 101
    On our way back to Taipei, we’ll stop by the strawberry capital of Taiwan, Dahu Township in Miaoli County. Around 90% of all the strawberries in Taiwan are produced here, and this is probably the place to go for your strawberrypicking experience. Miaoli is also home to a large Hakka population, so you’ll get to sample their delicious cuisine and observe their fascinating culture here. For the night, we’ll visit the Taipei 101 building before partaking in one last visit to a lavish hot spring resort.

  • Day 6 Taipei Beitou Hot Spring Museum, Songshan Cultural Park, Xinyi Shopping District
    On the final day of the tour, we'll spend the morning at Beitou Hot Spring Museum where you can learn about the bath house culture in Taiwan. We'll then have a quick lunch before heading to Xinyi District, the most vibrant neighborhood in Taiwan. Within this district, you'll find a variety of shopping malls and restaurants. Best of all, you just might stumble upon great deals unexpectedly during the winter season.

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